Welcome to the 36 Chase & Barns Residency 2018 Application!

We are honored that you are considering the 36 Chase & Barns Artists and Art Historians Residency program.  We created this residency to support the work of historically underrepresented visual artists and art historians by providing them a space to create, research and write and a venue in which to exhibit and sell their art.
Upon completion of the residency, the selected artists will participate in a group exhibition co-curated by the selected art historian(s) in residence.
36 Chase is centrally located in North Adams within a 5-minute walk from MASS MOCA (one of the largest contemporary art museums in the US) and a bustling downtown business district. You’ll find shopping, coffee shops, local eateries, fine dining, and even a hot yoga studio. Nestled in the lush green valley are repurposed 19th-century mills and churches and a burgeoning arts community.
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Recommended: Email info@gallery667.com for a full description of the Residency with FAQs.

Application Deadline EXTENDED:  April 10th, 2018

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REMINDER:  Please submit all images, pdf files (including CV, Work Sample list, and TWO references) to info@gallery667.com


Please email a pdf copy of your CV with two references to info@gallery667.com

Submit 2 published or unpublished research papers/articles.

Please email pdf versions of the materials to info@gallery667.com

Submit 3 to 5 images of your work to info@gallery667.com. Number the works to correspond with Work Sample List. Each image should not exceed 1MB. If your work is time-based or has video documentation, you may include video stills. Please also provide a web URL link in the space below (i.e., your website, YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

Please submit 3 to 5 images via email to info@gallery667.com
Include a Work Sample List; numbers must correspond to numbered images. Include:  Title, Year, Medium, Dimensions

Please submit via email to info@gallery667.com
Please email a pdf copy your CV with two references to info@gallery667.com


If you want to be considered for financial aid, please submit a letter or statement in the next section.
Please submit a letter stating, monthly income and expenses, amount of aid requested, and reason for requesting financial aid.

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THANK YOU!  We look forward to reviewing your submission.

We will be conducting phone interviews with our top applicants before selecting the residents for our Spring 2018 residency term.

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